We inspire girls to develop interest and confidence in STEM through hands-on activities, participation in local, national and international challenges, and positive female role models. Our goal is to reduce the gender gap in STEM fields by empowering girls to create innovative solutions to advance equality in their communities and to prepare them for tech careers. The GalTech programmes are delivered nation-wide as afterschool programmes through the help of mentors and Garda vetted volunteers. Our goal is to prepare them for local, national and international STEM competitions

Technovation Challenge

Phase innovate is an offical Technovation Chapter primarily responsible for recruiting students, mentors and judges, organising launch and regional pitch events, field trips, and fundraising for the Irish operations. Find out more

STEM Workshops

Our STEM workshops sessions come in different forms, ike coding, deep dive into specialty topics such as Cybersecurity, Artificial intelligence and Blockchain. Others include Raspberry Pi exercises and Hackathon. Find out more


Influencers play a significant role in helping to get more girls to enjoy STEM subjects. Our goal is to work with influencers to encourage girls into STEM careers and give them the confidence to disregard outdated stereotypes. Find out more


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